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Family Engagement Plan (PK through 5th Grade)

Medina ISD Family Engagement Plan
(Pre K through 5th Grade)

Family engagement is the mutual responsibility of families, schools, and the community to build relationships that support student learning and achievement.  Family engagement supports family well-being and the continuous learning and development of children, families, and educators.  Family engagement is fully integrated into the child’s educational experience and supports the whole child and is both culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate.

Family Engagement Goal


  1. Facilitate family to family support
  • Facilitate an environment where families can feel safe and respected
  • Establish a regular and meaningful communication between school and home (daily folder home with expectations and student work, weekly newsletters of what students will be learning)
  • Social events for families to connect with one another
  • Such as Open House, Fall/Spring Book Fairs, and Meet the teacher where student can explore their classroom and learning environment
  • WatchDOGS program
  • Volunteering
  • Class parties
  • Field trips 
  1. Establish a network of community resources
  • Provide families with community resources from Region 20
  • Continue partnerships with Child Find, ECI program, and KSTAR counseling
  • Provide translators and culturally relevant resources in Spanish when needed 
  • Medina Community Library
  • District counselor assistance for short-term family guidance and needs
  • Medina Fire Department and Bandera County Sheriff’s Department visits and speakers share resources with families and the school promoting safety and overall well-being
  1. Increase family participation in decision making
  • Development, adopt and implement goals within the annual campus improvement plan targeting family engagement
  • Opportunity for families to provide input on programs, policies, communications and events through Remind and parent/teacher conferences.
  • Provide opportunities for parent to be involved and have a voice: Campus/District site–based committee
  • LPAC parent representation
  • Progress monitoring/Report card information is shared with parents encouraging their feedback, questions, and ideas regarding future learning experiences
  • Foster comfortable open dialog between families and school by utilizing all available resources and means of communication:
    • Daily Communication Journals
    • Remind
    • Facebook – Medina ISD
    • Parent–Teacher Conferences
    • Phone calls
    • Email
    • Volunteers in classrooms
    • WatchDOGS Programs 
  1. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning
  • Medina ISD offers a high-quality full day PK program to eligible learners, enhancing and extending socialization and facilitation parent involvement for Pre-K families
  • CLI Parent Page: so that parents can access activities, online learning, and developmental milestones
  • TSR website: Parent Literacy Handbook (English and Spanish)
  • Events for parents to attend to promote and encourage learning such as: class field trips, Meet the Teacher Night, Book Fair, parent conferences, and reward events
  1. Develop staff skills in evidence – based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks


  • Parent – Teacher Conferences
  • All Pre-Kindergarten teachers will attend professional development in areas such as:
    • CLI Engage Teacher Resources
    • Early Childhood and Pre-K workshops through Region 20
    • TSR Summer Institutes
    • Medina ISD local professional development
  1. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement
  • Promote Pre K parents and teachers feedback through communication logs, and phone calls
  • Student progress monitoring data BOY, MOY, and EOY results
  • Teacher reflection on curriculum, strategies, and practices
  • Make end of year survey available in multiple forms to collect feedback from families
  • Keep record of family participations/attendance in school events
  • Log communications with families