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Level Up Charts Information

Level Up Charts 
October 13, 2017

Level up charts will be sent home after beginning of year testing (September), middle of year testing (January), and end of year testing (April).


Q.     What is a level up chart?
A.      A level up chart is a communication tool to track progress and added value your student is receiving in the classroom.

Q.     What does a level up chart measure?
A.     Students took a beginning of the school test to determine their grade-level content knowledge. Each six weeks, the students will be tested over the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) taught in the classroom. The intent is to see growth of your student from beginning of the year testing to end of the year testing.

Q.     What will these measurements/level up charts be used for?
A.     Level up charts will be used to plan instruction, parent meetings, response to interventions decisions, and, if applicable, 504 and/or Special Education decisions.

Q.     What is the goal/purpose of level up charts?
A.      Medina Elementary's goal is for every student to show growth this year. While this growth may vary depending on each individual, growth is growth!

For more information, you can view this video.

If you have any questions regarding level up charts, please contact Janel Murff, Elementary Principal, at 830-589-2731.